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Welcome to Ultra Librarian: Part News Part Opinion
April 25, 2017

From IC manufacturers to PCB design engineers, everyone in the electronics industry needs part information. Often times this means people in several different environments are re-creating the same component data. The time-consuming process of building parts is no longer your problem, you can now allow Ultra Librarian® be your source for all your pre-built data needs with vendor neutral export options.


Ultra Librarian offers online access to all of the part information necessary for you to make informative decisions on your next project. Search component pricing and availability to make sure you choose components that will be affordable and available for purchase when you are ready for manufacturing. Once you have made a part decision, you can easily click over to the "models" tab to preview schematic symbols, PCB footprints, and 3D models and select from 22 different CAD format outputs to quickly download and implement parts in to your design.


For a better understanding of our full portfolio of services within the PCB industry check out our solutions tab. Services include partnerships with IC vendors, CAD vendors, and PCB designers. Whether you are an existing customer or are interested in partnership options, everything you need to know can be found in these sections. Ultimately, our goal in these partnerships is to increase customer acquisition and accessibility for all partners.


Desktop software packages are available for purchase on the website under the products tab. The Ultra Librarian Bronze Software is a great place to start exploring the time-saving aspects of finding part data through our database. For more advanced features, Ultra Librarian provides scalable options with three different tiers of service depending on company size and needs. Our parts have been built with IPC and ANSI standards in mind.


We are excited to release the gold standard in component library data and will continuously build and upgrade our library and software technology as the industry evolves.  In order to keep you current on pertinent information, the Ultra Librarian Blog, Part News Part Opinion, will be updated regularly with part information, products, and services, as well as industry related news. Be sure to bookmark our website and connect with us via social media (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) to remain up-to-date on our current posts. Interested in how new technology is affecting the industry and ultimately, your company? Check out our blog post, The Writing on the Wall.


Our aim is to provide one central location to access all the part data needed to complete designs. Through acquired information and partnerships with leading IC vendors and manufacturers, we have the expertise to provide millions of reliable parts at your fingertips, in a manner of seconds.  
We look forward to continuously pushing innovation forward with this exciting new venture in the PCB industry. Please take a look around and tell us what you think—all comments and feedback are welcome!


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