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New Improvements to
September 4, 2018

                 At Ultra Librarian, we pride ourselves in providing accurate & functional ECAD data. We have also been hard at work on, to provide helpful, functional additions that can streamline your user experience! Finding the right ECAD data has never been easier.


                Our website has recently migrated to being hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Utilizing Amazon’s many servers and very high uptime rate, we can guarantee that all users will have the fastest and most reliable data hosting – ensuring that you receive your data quickly! Working with AWS also enables the Ultra Librarian database to grow quickly as needed, especially since we add data at a rapid pace. During this transition, we also made updates to our website to be GPDR compliant for all of our European users.


                We have also been improving our previews page so that you can fully review your component before downloading as well as cross-probe to ensure connections and validate pin-outs.



                Above, you’ll see an example of a recently added Power Integrations part. This is our typical preview, and allows the user to see all three views at one time as well as cross-probe between symbol and footprint. You can zoom in and out of the part with the plus and minus buttons. To view symbols with multiple gates, or footprints with multiple sizes (such as IPC-7351 minimum, nominal, and maximum sizes), navigate the bottom pull-down menu to select the appropriate item.


              You may also notice the “views” pull-down menu. This will allow you to see more than one view of the footprint. Selecting the “pin detail” view will show you specific pin dimensions on the footprint, which can be particularly helpful with gullwing style components.




                Finally, you can use the “detailed” view to view dimensions for the size of the component – allowing you to check important dimensions such as row pitch, body height, body width and pad width before downloading. Although the Ultra Librarian team prides itself on data accuracy, we recommend that designers review their components before implementing them into a design, and our improved previews are one way to verify before you download!



                If you have not downloaded a part in a while, it’s time to check out our new and improved preview pages! If you’d like an example, why not search Power Integrations LYT0002D and try our new preview features for yourself? If you are new to Ultra Librarian, you can create a free account today at and download from over 14 million+ pre-built ECAD models!


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