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Maximize Your PCB Design Productivity with New Interactive Reference Designs from Maxim Integrated
January 23, 2020

How many times have you wanted to leverage a vendors reference design yet the design wasn’t available in a CAD format you could use? Your options are to just start from scratch or invest tedious hours transcribing the design into your CAD tool. Not very exciting prospects right? 

Vendor reference designs provide a great resource to help validate component selection and jumpstart a design. These designs are products of engineers who have high knowledge of the devices you are looking to use and have been analyzed and verified by the vendor to optimize performance. Being able to leverage that knowledge in your design should be a great way to speed up the process and prevent issues down the road…if only you could get access to the content.

Introducing CAD Native Reference Designs from Maxim Integrated

Ultra Librarian and Maxim Integrated have partnered to create 10 new interactive reference designs for use in the reference design cloud. This means faster circuit design with native CAD files so you easily leverage this valuable design content. 
[Maxim reference design in online viewer]

These 10 reference designs offer a solution that allows a starting point to avoid time spent “reinventing the wheel” while also reducing your development risks. The designs have been thoroughly vetted and come with documentation including design notes, schematics, verification test results, bill of materials (BOM), and PCB artwork. 

Reference designs speed up design time while showing that the parts can meet their specifications with the right layout. View the design interactively online and then easily download the design into your preferred CAD format to save time and prevent transcription errors. You can even edit the design online and bring it directly into OrCAD Capture for further design and analysis if that is your CAD flow of choice.

Support for Multiple CAD Formats

These new interactive reference designs are compatible with seven popular CAD environments including, Altium, Cadence Allegro Design Entry, DesignSpark, EAGLE, KiCaD, Mentor DxDesigner, and OrCAD. Don’t waste time and energy starting from scratch so you can get on with what you do best, designing. 

Check out the designs here:


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