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LMV358M, EP2S15F484I4N, XC5VLX30-1FFG324C, TAS5342ADDVR, ADN4612ACPZ, L6377D, 74HC540D, TIR1000PSR, LMH0001SQ, XC2C32A-6CPG56C, ATF16LV8C-10JU, CY8C4245LQI-483, 74LVC00AS14-13, CD4051BM96, AD9910BSVZ, TS3A5018RGYRG4, DAC088S085CIMT, ADAU1701JSTZ, ADSP-21479KSWZ-2A, AD9838BCPZ-RL7, TDA5051AT, MB39C308BGF-G-ERE1, PCA9509DP, DS2003CMX/NOPB

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Our desktop software allows you to author your own schematic symbols, PCB footprints, and 3D STEP models. Start with a template or from scratch and build parts to your company's particular specifications. Cross-probe between symbols and footprints to ensure accuracy, perform batch design rule checks, and export to over 20 different CAD formats.


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