Acquire New Customers with Vendor-Neutral Libraries

Build Once – Target Everywhere

Customers spend hours or even days creating CAD data every time they add a new component to a design. This takes away from their design focus, yet they cannot design-in without your part data.


Ultra Librarian® provides a unique CAD neutral methodology to building libraries where a single set of libraries can be targeted to your customer's CAD tool of choice as they need them. This eliminates the tedious task of maintaining parts and changes in-house while continuing to provide your customers with the latest parts and accelerate their path to production.


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Accelerate Customer Design-in
Meet your customer’s needs and reduce the design burden on engineering with an automated, maintainable CAD library solution.

Support Multiple Design Flows

Build a single set of libraries that can be targeted to your customers’ tools of choice as they need them.

Increase Customer Acquisition

Provide the data customers need to make informed component decisions and speed the path to production.


ECAD Library Creation - Provide us with a list of part numbers and datasheets and we will build you a pristine, CAD neutral library you can host on your website—providing your customer with added value and creating an edge over your competition.


CAD Library Maintenance - Let us keep your libraries up-to-date. Our library maintenance services ensure your part libraries are always in sync with your current product list and matches the requirements of the latest CAD systems in the marketplace.


CAD Library Management - Our library management services ensure stakeholders always have access to the latest and most up-to-date data available, and internal engineering resources always know when something has been updated.


Standards-Based Libraries - We work with your engineering teams to define a common set of ECAD library data standards across your entire product portfolio to ensure consistency and a common user experience—providing one standard set of libraries across all your product families. This eliminates the need for each product team to create their own libraries to their own individual standards using their own tools

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When the world’s largest component manufacturers need verified parts, they come to Ultra Librarian.


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