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Texas Instruments

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In order to provide the largest library of verified CAD models, we have partnered with major IC manufacturers including Texas Instruments to build libraries of their parts. Our library consists of all the major IC applications including analog to digital converters, power management ICs, processors, analog comparators, microcontrollers, operational amplifiers, transistors, regulators, and much more. 


Analog to Digital Converters: (ex) ADS1299IPAG


Processors: (ex) AM3352BZCZ60


Microcontrollers: (ex) MSP430G2230IDR


Operational Amplifiers: (ex) LF356M/NOPB


Transistors: (ex) ULN2803ADWR


Regulators: (ex) TLV1117LV33DCYR

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Texas Instruments is only one of many IC manufacturers we have partnered with in order to bring you the largest library of verified parts.


Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Co.
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