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5962R1722001VXC, CC1352P1F3RGZR, CC1352P1F3RGZT, DRV8340HPHPRQ1, DRV8340SPHPRQ1, DS90UB941ASRTDRQ1, DS90UB941ASRTDTQ1, INA302A1QPWRQ1, INA302A2QPWRQ1, INA302A3QPWRQ1, INA303A1QPWRQ1, INA303A2QPWRQ1, INA303A3QPWRQ1, LMR34206FSC5RNXRQ1, LMR34206FSC5RNXTQ1, LMR34215FSC5RNXRQ1, LMR34215FSC5RNXTQ1, OPA189IDBVR, OPA189IDBVT, MAX15051EWE+, MAX15051EWE+T, MAX1606EUA+, max1606eua+T, MAX17506ATP+, MAX17506ATP+T, MAX17595ATE+, MAX17595ATE+T, MAX17596ATE+, MAX17596ATE+T, MAX17599ATE+, MAX17599ATE+T, MAX17606AZT+, MAX17606AZT+, MAX17606AZT+, MAX17606AZT+T, MAX17606AZT+T, MAX17606AZT+T, MAX17690ATE+, MAX17690ATE+, MAX17690ATE+, MAX17690ATE+T, MAX17690ATE+T, MAX17690ATE+T, MAX17690ATE/V+, MAX17690ATE/V+, MAX17690ATE/V+, MAX17690ATE/V+T, MAX17690ATE/V+T, MAX17690ATE/V+T, MAX30102EFD+, MAX30102EFD+T, MAX5969AETB+, MAX5969AETB+T, MAX5969BETB+, MAX5969BETB+T


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Accurate STEP Models for your PCB Parts

Finding 3D models for the components in your PCB can be a daunting task. Even if models exist they may not be in formats your PCB tool can accept or are not in synch with your existing PCB footprints requiring manual orientation and checking.


Ultra Librarian builds 3D STEP models based on the source PCB footprint data ensuring all 3D models will match their associated footprints. All models are built using the ISO 10303 standard and are available in STEP and STL formats which are commonly supported in PCB CAD packages.


Prevent fit errors, perform early thermal analysis, and view your design in realistic 3D before a single prototype is built with 3D models from Ultra Librarian. Examples of 3D models available for download:


Bel Fuse Inc. Fuse Clips: FC -203 BRIGHT TIN
Diodes Inc. Standard Diode: 1N4148W-7-F
Fairchild Semiconductor Regulator: LM7805CT
Stackpole Inc. Carbon Film Resistors: CF14JT10K0
Texas Instruments Bipolar Array Transistor: ULN2803ADWR


Are You Interested in Authoring Your Own Parts?

Our desktop software allows you to author your own schematic symbols, PCB footprints, and 3D STEP models. Start with a template or from scratch and build parts to your company's particular specifications. Cross-probe between symbols and footprints to ensure accuracy, perform batch design rule checks, and export to over 20 different CAD formats.


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