Component Verification Processes – Vital to Library Accuracy!

In today’s design cycles, verification of dimensions and component accuracy is a critical part of the design-to-board process and is something that needs to be considered every time a component is instantiated into the design. With new electronics being designed constantly, designers are under a lot of pressure to complete projects and are often short on time, leaving little time for the verification process. With Ultra Librarian, designers can be confident in our data, because all of our available components have gone through a rigorous verification process.

Ultra Librarian offers a wide variety of components (over 12 million components with symbol & footprint data) that have gone through a series of automated and manual verification processes before being added to our continually growing library. Designers can rest assured the components they are receiving have been through the most rigorous verification process available in today’s market. If any component does not pass all 34 different inspections and verifications, it will not be released into our library. Below are some of the verification processes all Ultra Librarian components must pass in order to be accepted into our library:

  • DRC checks to ensure there are no clearance issues on the component.
  • Check all silkscreen entities are at least 10 mils from any exposed copper.
  • Check for same number of symbol and footprint pins—verifying the netlist generated will be accurate.
  • Verify all gate and pin swap data is valid.
  • Verify all pin types are valid.
  • Verify no unacceptable characters or symbols are contained in any component attributes.
  • Cross-probability to ensure the symbol & footprint are properly connected.
  • Check for missing or mismatched symbols & components—all the components in our library contain both a schematic symbol and a PCB footprint.

In addition, any component added to our library goes through a series of “clean-ups” before entering our database. Some of these “clean-ups” include:

  • Removing vias and replacing them with drawn indications of via placement and size (Allowing the netlists between tools to work correctly).
  • Ordering pins—either in order by pin number or intelligently arranged by function.
  • Create IPC least, nominal, and maximum sizes where appropriate.
  • Uppercase symbol and component names, as well as all pin names to promote a unified look across components.
  • No spaces in pin names (so translations work as expected).
  • The ability to add or change both attributes and reference designators.

Additionally, all of the components provided in our library can be exported to 20+ different CAD tools. It can be frustrating if a designer has component files for one EDA tool, but needs to use this data in a design using another EDA tool. Translations are not always accurate and can lead to issues such as naming or grid spacing issues. Ultra Librarian provides native exports directly from our standard neutral format, preventing any translation issues.

Finally, components entered into our database are spot-checked for quality manually, to ensure all automated processes were appropriately applied and to verify the components entering the database are correct. Designers can rest assured any component downloaded from has been through a thorough verification process to ensure accuracy in data and save precious time in the design process. Download a component from today and see the quality for yourself.

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