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Ultra Librarian was developed to increase your productivity and accelerate the PCB design process by providing CAD library data within our user-friendly platform. With a strong dedication to building quality libraries, our team of skilled librarians have already built over 25,000 parts since the beginning of 2018!  As we continue to build up our library and focus on providing superior services to the EDA industry, we are excited to announce new features and updates that have been recently added with user feedback in mind.  

Enjoy Unlimited Access to CAD Data 

Did you know you now have UNLIMITED CAD downloads? Downloading from our growing library of over 14 million verified parts is now 100% free. As of March 14th, we have officially removed the barrier of cost, providing you with access to all the schematic symbols, PCB footprints, and 3D STEP model downloads you need to design faster more accurate boards. Want to know more? Read the full press release here

Easier Access to CAD Models 

Searching for models just got a whole lot easier. Identify the right part for your needs with the ability to search by manufacturer, part number or function in the pricing section. Review cost and availability to meet your budget and ensure the parts will be stocked and available for purchase when you are ready to move to production. Once you have found the perfect part, click the “Models Available” button to download symbols, footprints, and 3D models in your CAD format. This process makes for a smooth transition from part selection to downloading models and gets you back to designing in a matter of seconds.

Metric Units Support

Metric or English?  Interested in choosing your units of measurement when exporting footprints? Well now you can. As we work to create a more customizable user experience on the Ultra Librarian platform we are introducing new features and modifications when exporting models. Similarly to the pin-ordering feature, which allows you to re-order symbol pins by either sequence or function, our new footprint units option allows you to choose between metric or English units when exporting. Choosing the footprint measurement units provides you with outputs that matches your preference, including naming of padstacks. By providing additional export options including pin-ordering and unit measurements, Ultra Librarian allows you to modify parts upon export to meet your individual library needs.

Support for Altium Designer 18 

From new releases to legacy software, we are proud to offer the broadest selection of CAD tool support in the ECAD library industry. Since Altium Designer is a popular CAD export option, we knew it was crucial to offer support for the latest release of Altium Designer 18. We are happy to announce that our exports have been updated to support the latest release and will continue to update our CAD export options as new releases become available on any of the major CAD software options.

Expanding Partnerships 

Have you heard the news? Our partnership with Digi-Key has recently expanded with symbols, footprints, and 3D models for 1.25 million in-stock parts. Read the full press release here

Help Us Help You 

You may have noticed a pop-up asking for your feedback as you browse through the Ultra Librarian database. We really appreciate your participating in these short questions, your feedback is very important to us. we continue to dive deeper into the CAD library industry. Your responses are 100% anonymous and will be used to provide you with the best products and services moving forward.

2018 is shaping up to be a very exciting year at Ultra Librarian. Our growing library, stronger partnerships, and numerous improvements to our platform does not end here. Follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Google+ for the latest news and announcements as we continue to drive innovation forward within the CAD library industry.  

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