Streamline Your Design Process with myLists from Digi-Key

Digi-Key has recently released myLists, a tool that has incorporated all the features and capabilities from their previous list management tools including BOM Manager, Price and Availability, and Favorites into a single solution. myLists also includes some new list features and added product information that hasn’t previously been available in a Digi-Key list tool.


Here is a tour of all the features from myLists:


List Preferences

List Preferences allow you to control a number of variables as products are added to your list. You can also control who can access and/or edit this list.



Add tags to group similar projects, define statuses, add notes, or reminders.


List Tools

Access various filters, edit the columns of your table, download custom copies of your list, create duplicate copies of your list, and save revisions.


Assembly Calculations

Entering an assembly will multiply your Quantity entries and calculate pricing for you. The additional quantities can then be added to a quote or cart without altering your original list.


Attrition Calculations

Attrition is the planned overages that account for any lost or damaged components during manufacturing.

Toggling “Include Attrition” on will increase your quantities based on the Attrition % column and will calculate appropriate packaging and pricing. The additional quantities can then be included in a quote or cart without altering your original list.


My Alternates

Expand a row to access any suggested alternates for a product. From this list you can set your specific approved alternates or enter your own manually. You also have controls to swap one of your approved alternates for the active product in the list. The original will then be moved to the list of alternates.


Row Controls

Checking the box next to a product will give you the option to delete that product or move it to another location in your list.


Add Parts

Add parts manually, upload a spreadsheet, or utilize the “bulk add” feature to paste a list from another document. These features are located at the bottom of your list.


Learn more about myLists and register with Digi-Key to access their whole suite of PCB design tools.


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