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Component models built in conjunction with Ultra Librarian extend beyond our site to individual manufacturers websites as well. As we continue to serve PCB designers around the globe, our partnerships with major IC vendors is growing. We assist these companies in the production and distribution of pre-built CAD models they can provide to their customers. This helps to close the gap between IC vendors and PCB designers by allowing you to design-in components with ease. In order to serve our broad audience of PCB designers using different CAD tools, we have developed a universal file format (BXL) for pre-built components that can translate to 20+ different CAD formats.Here’s the rundown on BXLs and why you should care: 

What are BXLs?  

BXL is a file extension created by Ultra Librarian to house PCB component models. BXL files contain data on pre-built parts including schematic symbols, PCB footprints, and 3D models (where supported) and can be converted on our website to your choice of over 20 CAD formats.

Where can I find BXLs?  

We have partnered with leading IC vendors to assist in the creation of models for their component libraries. Many of our IC partners offer BXL files for their components directly on their websites. Simply download the BXLs for the components you want and convert them online. Check out the selection of BXLs on our partner vendor sites: 

Are BXLs or the parts within the files editable? 

Yes, BXLs have been originally generated by our team of engineers with the Ultra Librarian Desktop software, and therefore can be edited using the same software. We offer two different tiers of desktop software depending on your needs. To learn more about the capabilities and benefits visit our Desktop Software page.

Alternatively, you can translate the BXL file through the online reader to your preferred CAD format, and use your CAD tool to modify the resulting parts. Every designer has different needs for their design and inevitably will want to edit parts of the symbols and footprints to be consistent with their design and standards. You have complete freedom to edit the CAD files as needed. Simply load the exported symbols and footprints into your CAD tool and make changes as desired to meet certain specifications.  

To get started will need to be registered with an account. Registration is free and includes unlimited access to part data including pricing, availability, datasheets plus 15 free CAD model downloads a month. There is no limit to the number of BXL conversions you do on the site, and conversions do not count against your 15 free downloads per month. You can even choose up to 5 different export formats for all uploaded BXLs, making it quicker and easier to translate BXLs in to multiple CAD formats in one session. Below is a short demo to help you get started.

Bringing you the latest and greatest capabilities 

As we continue to add functionality to our site we are excited for the launch our Online Reader. Our goals as we continue to develop and improve Ultra Librarian are to increase your efficiency. The Online Reader does just that by allowing designers to quickly and easily translate component data. Much like the free reader, our online reader allows you to upload BXL files obtained from your favorite IC manufacturers websites and translate them online into symbols footprints and 3D models which can then be exported in your preferred CAD format. To learn more about translating BXL files check out our Online Reader page.  

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