Production Quality PCB Design Moves to the Cloud

Cloud computing is changing the way we approach PCB design. As PCB design solutions in the cloud continue to evolve, major EDA software companies like Cadence® are putting more emphasis on developing cloud solutions like the OrCAD Capture Cloud. With a focus on increasing productivity and shortening design cycles, OrCAD recognized the need offer pre-built PCB libraries within the tool, and partnered with our library experts here at Ultra Librarian. Where many PCB design tools tend to fall short is in providing robust PCB libraries. Typically, PCB solutions provide users with access to a limited and basic PCB starter library. As a result, designers are forced to spend time either building parts themselves or scouring the internet to find pre-built parts. In order to increase productivity and efficiency, OrCAD recognized the need to provide users with access to a verified source for libraries within the design environment. As a result, Ultra Librarian and OrCAD partnered to bring professional PCB design tools and verified component libraries together in the cloud.  

Since libraries are the building blocks for your design and are typically in high demand, Ultra Librarian solves the library problem by providing users with access to over 14 million verified, ECAD models. You can now enjoy unlimited access to our entire database of models directly within the OrCAD Capture Cloud environment, preview schematic symbols, PCB footprints, and 3D models, and drag-and-drop symbols in to your design for easy placement. Symbol properties include embedded footprint data for a smooth transition from schematic to PCB design.  

OrCAD Capture Cloud is a free, fully scalable cloud-based PCB design tool. Once you have created your entire schematic in the cloud, OrCAD provides a professional suite of PCB design tools to bring your next product from concept to production. Ready to get started designing in the cloud with our pre-built parts? To get started, simply log in with Ultra Librarian account information and start designing instantly.

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