New 3D Models Available on Ultra Librarian

Ultra Librarian has updated their 3D models with new graphics to better support your design experience! Now you can view enhanced 3D models in color.

Try them out for yourself:

  • 1017170000 – Connector Shrouded Header 12 Position 3.5mm Solder Straight Through Hole Box
  • 15110262601000 – Conn Shrouded Header (4 Sides) HDR 26 POS 1.27mm Solder ST Top Entry SMD har-flex® T/R
  • CC2650MODAMOHR – SimpleLink™ 32-bit Arm Cortex-M3 multiprotocol 2.4 GHz wireless module with 128kB Flash 29-QFM -40 to 85
  • ZMY9V1-GS08 – Diode Zener Single 9.1V 6% 1W 2-Pin MELF Glass T/R

Looking for even more interactivity? We have partnered with Cadenas to offer highly detailed 3D models available for download in multiple CAD formats. 

View accurate part measurements, glance into the interior, and so much more directly in the UL Part widget.

  • 2059-301/998-403 – Conn Terminal Block 1 POS Solder RA SMD 3A PUSH WIRE® Box
  • 231-333/001-000 – Male Header with A Solder Pin for The Spring Type Connector, 231 Series, 5.08 mm Pitch
  • 733-368 – Male Header with Solder Pin/733 Series, Grade 1/Right Angle/2.5mm Pitch
  • 769-632/007-000 – Wago Series 769 769-632/007-000 – 769-632/007-000

The Ultra Librarian Team

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