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Perhaps the most important decision an electronics designer can make is where to source their components. There are a wide variety of options, including companies selling components and component search engines. How is a designer meant to know if a supposed schematic haven will be reliable in the long term? Are schematics enough for electronics design, or should engineers look for something more in-depth? Electronics design is complicated enough without worrying about where to find reliable resources. Ultra Librarian is an ideal choice for designers, as it provides schematics and other vital tools designers need, all in one convenient place.

Ultra Librarian Is a Schematic Haven

Ultra Librarian has a database of thousands of schematic diagrams. These diagrams encompass not only different components but different variants of those components as well. With millions of designs available, designers can find the perfect schematic (and associated symbols) for their needs. The schematics are part of a cloud-based library, meaning they can be accessed at any time for maximum convenience. 

Designers can rely on Ultra Librarian for up-to-date schematics conforming to the highest standards in the electronics industry. Instead of relying on lower-quality schematics from questionable distributors, designers can feel confident their schematics meet industry standards. This peace of mind doesn’t cost a cent, no matter how many times a designer comes back for more information—Ultra Librarian’s libraries are free.

At Ultra Librarian, providing the highest quality schematics is a priority, and that sometimes means partnering with other reputable companies to bring designers the best schematics available. This also means putting those schematics in a CAD-friendly format to save engineers time and money during the design phase. Too many engineers waste time converting schematics to the right format, which can slow them down and prevent them from using the most up-to-date information. Ultra Librarian’s engineering team verifies every design in the cloud, and provides them in as many useful formats as possible, including Cadence OrCAD and Altium. When Ultra Librarian partners with other companies for schematics, designers aren’t forced into wrangling a proprietary format—they get the best information in whatever format they need.

Ultra Librarian Provides Extra Resources 

Ultra Librarian provides much more than a schematic haven. Designers looking through Ultra Librarian’s component database and blogs can find in-depth component analyses, tutorials on essential design documents, and guidelines for component selection. Ultra Librarian’s blogs provide easy access to information that would take much longer to find in even the best databases. In the component databases, most components have associated PCB footprints and detailed technical specifications available for download—far beyond a simple list of schematics. Designers can also use the database to compare manufacturers and price points.

The Ultra Librarian blog gives designers critical access to news in the electronics industry, further helping them keep their designs relevant in a rapidly changing technological age. From affirming the role of a CAD librarian to giving advice for hardware startups, Ultra Librarian keeps designers informed of trends in the industry and directs them toward the information they most need to succeed. At the same time, Ultra Librarian doesn’t forget to acknowledge the tried-and-true technologies still working for today’s electronics designers, such as SPICE model libraries and vendor-neutral file formats. Success in the electronics industry often means combining old and new technologies, and Ultra Librarian knows this, providing designers with all the relevant information they need in one place, whether it’s old or new.

List of vendor-neutral files
List of vendor-neutral files accessible to Ultra Librarian users.

Ultra Librarian Makes Designing Simple

One of the most difficult things about electronics design is finding information. Drawing up a design prototype is often easy, compared to the long and exhaustive search designers must go through to make sure all parts of their project work the way they should. Learning about different electronics components, how they interact together, and whether they’re suitable for a project can take days or weeks. It’s not uncommon to spend hours reading through complex component datasheets, researching alternative parts, and analyzing industry trends. Ultra Librarian allows designers to do it all in one place, eliminating a substantial amount of wasted time. There’s nothing better than finding a more efficient way to design—efficiency leads to faster production, better results, and higher customer satisfaction. 

Designers need more than a simple schematic haven to build the best, most effective designs. Thanks to the rapidly changing nature of the electronics industry, a design relevant today could be outdated tomorrow. Designing electronics is about more than just putting together pieces—it’s about understanding the industry, predicting what might come next, and making the best possible decisions supported by data. Ultra Librarian makes all of that easier, so designers can focus on what they care about most—creating great designs to support the next generation of technological advancement.

PCB board.
Find components for your next PCB project by using Ultra Librarian.

Ultra Librarian provides designers with a steadfast schematic haven, an oasis of organized models with symbols, and a plethora of PCB footprints. Working with Ultra Librarian takes the guesswork out of preparing your next great device, and puts your ideas on the road to success. Register today for free.


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