Vishay Reference Designs: Overview


 With Vishay reference designs you have a leg up on competitors to efficient create solutions like optimizing energy conversion in EVs

Vishay reference designs help create solutions for challenging issues like EV energy optimization.

Developing electronic and electromechanical systems is a complex process. Basically, it can be divided into three stages: design⇒build⇒test (DBT). Each stage plays an essential role in a successful new product introduction (NPI). However, the design stage is the most critical as it drives and defines the requirements for board manufacturing and PCB design verification.

The foundation of all PCB design processes is the selection of components. Bad decisions here can lead to significant problems downstream that may delay or even halt development. One of the most effective ways of avoiding these types of contingencies is to implement a reference design. And by leveraging Vishay reference designs you can significantly improve the efficiency and reliability of your innovations that require energy optimization; such as electric vehicle or EV design.

Reference Designs: When and Why

Converting an idea into a tangible design is undoubtedly one of the most fulfilling aspects of being a PCB designer or engineer. However, it is often the most frustrating. In fact, the sheer number of options for components and routing schemes can be overwhelming. This coupled with tight development schedules and other objectives; such as maximizing cost-effectiveness, add to the challenges of new product development. A reference design is an effective tool that can help you mitigate some of these issues.




Reduce/eliminate common component selection issues

May include unnecessary parts

Significantly reduce/eliminate the need for design validation processes

May require unnecessary space

Reduce time for PCB layout design

Component data and information may not reflect current shortages and trends that may affect production

Ensures accuracy of CAD models and BOM

An existing reference design cannot be patented

Faster development time

Lower development costs than for custom new product design

As shown above, there are distinct advantages when opting to utilize a reference design. Receiving these benefits; however, depends on the source.

Innovating with Vishay Reference Designs

One of the strongest motivations for choosing a reference design is to avoid component selection issues; such as inferior components, counterfeits, inaccurate CAD data and other problems that can negatively impact development efficiency and product quality. Consequently, an industry leader in developing high-quality passive components and semiconductors; such as Vishay Intertechnology, Inc., is  one of the best sources for high-quality, reliable reference designs.

Vishay reference designs, as listed below, provide energy optimization solutions for applications like advanced automotives.

Vishay Reference Designs for Advanced Automotives

The Vishay reference designs above are based advanced Vishay semiconductor technologies, include high-quality Vishay passive and other component suggestions, and include the following design files;

  • Schematic
  • PCB layout
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • 3D view
  • Gerber files

These reference designs are intended to help you solve some of the most critical operational challenges for high-performance electrical systems; such as energy optimization, battery management system (BMS) reliability, and safety/security concerns.

Optimizing Your Reference Design Implementation

Reference designs can be a great asset when solving design challenges that require efficient and cost-effective PCB development. Leveraging these advantages is best accomplished by following reference design optimization guidelines, as listed below.

Reference Design Optimization Guidelines 

  • Clearly identify and define circuit or sub-circuit for reference design
  • Source reference designs from a trusted resource, such as Vishay
  • Only use reliable source for component data and CAD models, as shown below 

Ultra Librarian CAD models for the Vishay SQJQ184E MOSFET used in Vishay reference design

Vishay SQJQ184E MOSFET CAD models from UL

The strengths of reference designs lies in the quality of components and reliability of your design source.

If you’re looking for CAD models for common components or information on how to use Vishay reference designs to innovate faster, Ultra Librarian helps by compiling all your sourcing and CAD information in one place.

Working with Ultra Librarian sets up your team for success to ensure streamlined and error-free design, production, and sourcing. Register today for free.


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