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The Top Five Ways Ultra Librarian Will Change Your Designing Life for the Better
February 12, 2020

Do you find yourself spending too much time building or searching for components all over the internet? Part libraries are typically disjointed, with symbols in one place, footprints in another and 3D models somewhere else. 

Between looking for parts and finding all the pieces to the design puzzle in multiple locations it’s no wonder design deadlines are pushed back. What if you could eliminate the issue with a component database that helps you find the right part for every project in one place?

With Ultra Librarian® you can search the world’s largest online part library. Browse through millions of parts and easily analyze inventory, pricing, and electronic specifications to help you make the best part decisions for your board. Once you find the part you need, download models in your choice of over 20 native CAD formats and start designing quickly.

Sound good? If you are still not convinced, here are the top five reasons Ultra Librarian can benefit your design process.

1. Stop spending hours building CAD models

When placing parts into your designs you will want the data to be as accurate as possible. Face it, “close enough” isn’t going to create an electrically correct and manufacturable board. Building parts for your design can be an unnecessary waste of time. With access to millions of verified, pre-built parts, you can say goodbye to building parts ever again. We vendor neutral support for over 20 different CAD formats, so there is something for everyone. Users of this feature have reported saving hours or even a whole day of time, depending on the size and complexity of the part.


2. Find part pricing and availability instantly

It’s important to make fast yet strategic component choices for your board. Since every PCB has different desired functionalities, you may spend a lot of time researching the best part for your most recent project. The Ultra Librarian database helps to fast-track your electronic component decisions by providing all the valuable information needed to make informed part choices the first time around. We make sure you have the data to help you make sure the parts will be in budget for your project and be available when you need them, because no one wants to go to production only to find out they can’t order the parts they need.

3. Gain access to a massive Cloud-based library

Ultra Librarian provides access to millions of parts and is growing daily. The modern cloud-based architecture gives users immediate access to parts as they are added allowing them to leverage the resulting symbols and footprints in their designs. Parts are developed in cooperation with leading IC manufacturers and component distributors to ensure the latest and most relevant parts are made available.


4. Attain confidence with industry defined standards

Standards are an increasingly important aspect to obtaining pre-built parts for your PCB design process. If parts aren’t built to industry standards, they probably won’t be very useful for you. All Ultra Librarian libraries are built and tested with IPC and ANSI standards in mind, ensuring consistency and preventing any miscommunication with manufacturing. One less thing you need to worry about. As a standards-based library, you know when you place a part from Ultra Librarian into your design, the part will fit and function properly.


5. Regain lost time

With everything you need to consider when choosing components for your design, time is of the essence. You don’t want to waste precious time, so we took care of it. Ultra Librarian provides access to the most robust library of pre-built PCB parts on the market today. Spend less time finding the part, building a library, and placing a hopefully source-able device. Get access to information including parts, inventory, pricing, datasheets, models and more so you can get straight to designing. Save time, reduce errors, and ensure consistency across your PCB part libraries.


6. BONUS – it’s free!

Ultra Librarian is the world’s best PCB component source providing all the information necessary to make smart part decisions, for free. You can increase overall productivity by reducing the burden of building and maintain your own libraries, giving you more time to get back to what you want to do, design.

Accelerate your design process today by signing up today at



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