Designing with Texas Instruments

We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best. We highlight partners from time to time that can give you the optimal parts and information to help you succeed in your designs. 

This month Texas Instruments offers a preview of featured products and solutions to make your designs better than ever with wireless, 5G, EV, and intelligent automation. 

Topics You Might Be Interested In:

Meeting the demand for more efficient and powerful on-board chargers

electronic car plugged in to charging outlet.


As the rise of electrification continues to grow, higher-powered modules for on-board chargers need to keep up with the demand. Texas Instruments offers optimal solutions to help designers overcome challenges of the future.  Read more on this topic here.  

Connect BAW demo featuring Bluetooth

BAW (Bulk Acoustic Wave) Demo Simplelink MCU Platform


The SimpleLink R&D team discusses the advantages of TI’s BAW (Bulk Acoustic Wave) resonator technology. Watch the demo using the industry first Crystal-less MCU: SimpleLink CC2652RB, taking advantage of the full featured Bluetooth 5 capabilities. Check out the full video here

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