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Circuit Board Parts

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Reduce Design Time With Ultra Librarian’s Search Engine

No electronic product can get to the market without a circuit board, which is why it is essential for PCB designers to look at the supply chain for circuit board parts early and often if they want assurance they can get their product to market on-time and on-budget. Tools to source components and find CAD data can simplify this process for designers. 

The parts search feature in Ultra Librarian is one such tool. Not only does it help you locate specific parts, but it also helps you find footprints that are verified by component manufacturers. Best of all, Ultra Librarian supports your sourcing strategy by providing supply chain data direct from major distributors. 

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Easily Searchable Circuit Board Parts for Your Design

Optocoupler search in Ultra Librarian’s search engine

Ultra Librarian’s search results for optocouplers.

The electronic components market is massive, with millions of components available from multiple suppliers. This makes component selection time-consuming—designers need tools to simplify this task and help them stay efficient and productive. Created to help you find circuit board parts for your design, Ultra Librarian’s search engine provides a solution by allowing users to search for components in multiple ways:

  • By part function or application: Parts can be located based on their function in a new product, like power regulators, amplifiers, transceivers, and much more. It’s easy to drill down to specialty products with an application-based search.
  • By specification: Parts can also be located based on important specifications like output power, temperature ranges, clock speed, footprint, and more. As long as a specification appears in a part description, the parts search engine can use it to locate components.
  • By manufacturer and brand name: We all have our favorite manufacturers and product lines. Searching based on manufacturer name and brand name will show you a range of components only from that vendor, giving you many options for new parts.
  • By part number: Searching by part number is a great way to find components that are part of a product line or series. You might find an ideal variant you weren’t aware of.
  • By reference design: If you’re not sure what parts you need for a design, you can always look for a reference design or evaluation board. These products can help you start designing in an unfamiliar area and they can show you the different components you’ll need for your application.

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Verified CAD Models Direct from Manufacturers

Symbol, footprint, and 3D model from Ultra Librarian’s search engine

Designers can access accurate symbols, footprints, and 3D models with Ultra Librarian.

No one wants to spend hours creating footprints from scratch, and designers need to know that their PCB footprints match hole/land pattern specifications. Ultra Librarian’s search engine doesn’t just show you parts with MPNs and specifications, it also gives you access to CAD data that is supplied and verified by component manufacturers. No other electronics search engine helps PCB designers reduce their risk and streamline part selection. Ultra Librarian users have access to:

  • Schematic symbols: All designs start with schematics. Designers need to have accurate schematic symbols to ensure electrical connections are reflected in the physical design.
  • PCB footprints: Manually creating PCB footprints can be very time-consuming, but Ultra Librarian helps streamline your design by giving you accurate PCB footprints in major ECAD file formats.
  • 3D models: Designing around connectors, enclosures, and multiple boards is much easier when you have access to 3D models for components in vendor-neutral file formats.
  • Simulation files: Modern designs need to be evaluated with simulations before prototyping runs, and Ultra Librarian gives you SPICE simulation models for use in any ECAD application.
  • Datasheets: Every component has datasheets, technical notes, and documentation. Ultra Librarian aggregates these documents in one place and gives you free access.

PCB Supply Chain Data That Helps You Purchase With Confidence

Once it’s time to make purchasing decisions, Ultra Librarian provides up-to-date sourcing information for all components in its search results. Designers don’t need to spend time browsing distributor websites looking for available components, checking inventory, and comparing prices. Ultra Librarian saves designers time by giving users access to sourcing data aggregated from major electronics distributors.

Perhaps most important is lifecycle information. Ultra Librarian’s aggregated data includes lifecycle data for each part. Users can quickly spot and avoid obsolete, NRND, or EOL components without using an external supply chain service. Everything designers need for component selection and sourcing is in one place.

If you’re ready to streamline the search for circuit board parts and CAD data, make the electronics search engine features in Ultra Librarian the cornerstone of your sourcing strategy. When you use Ultra Librarian, you’ll have access to updated datasheets, technical specifications, CAD data, and verified 3D models that can be imported into popular ECAD applications. You’ll also have access to sourcing information from worldwide distributors that helps you compare prices, stocks, and lead times. No other platform gives you this much visibility into the electronics supply chain.

Working with Ultra Librarian sets up your team for success to ensure streamlined and error-free design, production, and sourcing. Register today for free.


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