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We partner with companies like Digi-Key, who provide customers with access to thousands of components from top manufacturers including Vishay, Texas Instruments, and Toshiba.  Digi-Key has so much to offer, so make sure to visit their website to see all their resources and register for a free account to utilize all the tools you would need for your PCB design.



Exclusive Programs:

BOM Manager

Not only does the BOM Manager keep track of all your parts, but it can also track orders, iterations, and any other changes to your bill of materials. This tool is specific to your location, so pricing, shipping, and availability of parts is accurate to your region. You can also share your BOM with your colleagues right through Digi-Key!

Quote Manager

Upload or create a list of parts and Digi-Key will automatically create a quote for your submission. Records of all your previous quotes are also accessible for your use.



Other Convenient Features:

Stay Up to Date

Get alerts on product changes for parts you have purchased in the last three years and sign up for Digi-Key’s newsletter to receive early access to the newest information and products.

Schedule Shipments

Save time and money by scheduling orders to take advantage of better price breaks on your regularly used products, cut down on over-purchased products, and avoid making the same order over and over again.

Easy Reorders

Reorder your favorite parts through your order history, saved carts, favorites, or by duplicating existing orders.

Ready to jump into everything Digi-Key has to offer? Register for an account here!



Bonus Tip – Access Digi-Key Data Inside your CAD tools

If you are looking for an additional program to streamline your PCB design process then check out UltraBOM, powered by Ultra Librarian and Digi-Key. UltraBOM is a free service that allows users to search for Digi-Key parts right in OrCAD Capture, and then submit the BOM parts directly to Digi-Key for convenient purchasing. This service lets engineers look up part metrics and info, select and place symbols with linked footprints, and manage their BOM all without ever having to exit OrCAD.

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The Ultra Librarian Team

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