TDK DC/DC Converter Specifications

TDK DC/DC converter datasheet

Every electronic device you build will need to have a power source, which might be provided by wall power or from an existing DC source. In either case, a DC/DC converter will be used to step the input voltage to its required level so that other components can receive power. Companies have developed DC/DC converter modules that provide high-efficiency power conversion in a compact package to save time in design and placement in an assembly.

TDK is one company that provides an extensive product line of DC/DC converter modules. These modules can fit into an enclosure to power a PCBA or be placed on a PCB like other components. In addition, these modules have other mounting and connection styles available for rugged systems, providing a broad range of voltage and power output capabilities. So if you’re building a rugged industrial system that requires high-efficiency power conversion and want to cut down your design burden, consider one of these power modules for your system.

Types of TDK DC/DC Converters

TDK DC/DC converter modules come in multiple sizes and form factors, depending on your system’s required voltage and power output needs.  TDK DC/DC converters come in the following footprint and packaging formats that give designers significant flexibility:

  • Small through-hole packages that are board-mountable
  • DIN rail mountable modules for industrial deployments
  • Surface-mountable modules with DOSA compatible footprint
  • Unpackaged assemblies with flexible mounting options
  • Brick form factor with integrated base plate/heat sink construction
  • Standard voltages up to 110 V DC

Product Line Specifications

TDK’s DC/DC converter options are broken into different product lines that target different power levels, standard voltages, mounting, or integration styles. These converter modules are available in isolated and non-isolated topologies, and certain models are qualified against specific IEC, MIL-STD, or industrial safety standards. Some options offer dual level output, six-sided shielding for additional safety, and high isolation (5 kV AC).

Some of the notable product lines and their application areas are summarized in the table below.

Product line Application area
CCG, CC-E, CC-P-E, PXA, PXB, PXC-M, PXD Surface-mount and through-hole placement on a PCBA at low voltage
PH-A280, PAF, CN-A High voltage DC with conduction cooling
iEA, iEH, iQE, iQK, iQL, iQG, iSA Brick formats with through-hole mounting
VEGA DC, RDS-A, RDS High power output at standard voltages, isolated topologies
i3A, i6A, i7A, i7C, iCF, iCG, iCH, iBF, iBH, iAF, iAH, PML Low voltage step-down or step-up conversion, wide input & output voltages, DOSA compatible footprint, surface-mount

Each of these power converter options has its own datasheet and specifications; the datasheets for these components can be found from the TDK website or a components search engine.

Product Examples

One example of TDK’s DC/DC converter options is shown below (part number TDK-Lambda IEH48025A120V-109R). This eighth-brick power supply is un-enclosed and includes integrated heatsink mounting for high power dissipation. This product is also compliant with IEC 60950-1 (2nd edition) AM1, EN 60950-1/A12, and CISPR 22 (A or B) EMI standards as long as an external filter is used on the output supply leads. With the mounted heat sink, the device can be kept cool with output power reaching up to 300 W at 25 A current. The datasheet for this DC/DC converter can be found here.

TDK DC/DC converter datasheet

Product image for the TDK-Lambda IEH48025A120V-109R DC/DC converter.

The image below shows through-hole mountable examples of DC/DC converter options from TDK. These components are part of the CC-E series, which are designed to provide up to 10 W of power output at standard voltages (3.3, 5, 12, 24, or 48 V DC). These compact metal shielded modules are convection cooled and are very useful in systems that require high power at standard digital or analog voltages. These products are compatible with industrial appliances, rugged digital systems, and many other applications requiring a rugged, pre-packaged power converter module.

TDK DC/DC converter datasheet

Product image for the CC-E series of DC/DC converters from TDK-Lambda.

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