LM224 Datasheet: Explanation and Analysis

TI’s LM224 quad op-amp IC

TI LM224 quad operational amplifier chip

Operational amplifiers are one of the most versatile active components in electrical and electronic circuits. Along with BJTs, JFETs, and MOSFETs, these parts serve as voltage and current drivers for numerous applications and products that span virtually every industry. In particular, Texas Instruments is a leader in manufacturing these important components. One of their legacy op-amps, described in detail in the LM224 datasheet, continues to be a popular option for circuit board designers.

LM224: Applications and Features

The LM224 is a quad operational amplifier often used for the following applications.

LM224 Applications

  •  PC motherboards
  •  PC motherboards
  •  Mobile chargers
  •  Cell phone power supplies
  •  Power supplies for network servers
  •  Uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs)
  •  Printers
  •  Air conditioner units
  •  Household appliances
  •  Inverters: AC, central, and string
  •  Voltage frequency drives

As the list above indicates, the LM224 is a general purpose amplifier that can be used in a wide range of products. These products include low-power computing devices and appliances like washing machines, dryers, and internal/external AC units.

Using the LM224 Datasheet

The LM224 adheres to the basic four op-amp rules:

OpAMP Rules:

  •  Both inputs have the same voltage potential.
  •  Input impedance is high.
  •  Output impedance is low.
  •  The component has a high gain.

These basic rules dictate how the amplifier performs in the following configurations:

Common OpAMP Configurations:

  1. Differentiator
  2. Integrator
  3. Comparator
  4. Current Limiter
  5. Voltage Follower
  6. Amplifier – inverted or non-inverted

Before designing your PCB with this component, it is crucial to consult the LM224 datasheet for necessary specifications, such as electrical characteristics and absolute maximums, which are included below.

Important LM224 Specifications




Common Mode Rejection Ratio

70 dB

Gain Bandwidth Product

1.2 MHz


1.75 mm

Input Bias Current

20 nA

Input Offset Voltage (Vos)

5 mV

Lead Free

Lead Free


8.65 mm

Lifecycle Status

Production (Last Updated: 5 days ago)

Manufacturer Lifecycle Status

ACTIVE (Last Updated: 5 days ago)

Max Dual Supply Voltage

16 V

Max Operating Temperature

85 °C

Max Supply Voltage

32 V

Min Dual Supply Voltage

1.5 V

Min Operating Temperature

-25 °C

Min Supply Voltage

3 V


Surface Mount

Nominal Supply Current

10 mA

Number of Channels


Number of Circuits


Number of Elements


Number of Pins


Operating Supply Current

1.4 mA

Operating Supply Voltage

16 V

Output Current

30 mA

Output Current per Channel

60 mA



Radiation Hardening




Slew Rate

0.5 V/µs


1.58 mm

Voltage Gain

100 dB


3.91 mm

LM224 Architecture and Operation

The layout of the LM224 is shown in the figure below.\

Functional diagram of the TI LM224)

TI LM224 functional diagram

As presented above, the LM224 chip includes over one hundred common components, with the majority being transistors. The IC diagram illustrates how the chip lends itself to any of the common op-amp configurations.

Alternatives to the LM224

The LM224 is actually one of a family of general-purpose op-amps as listed in the table below.

Alternatives to the LM224 op-amp

Comparison of TI LMXX operational amplifiers

Of the parts listed, the LM324 is a newer version of the LM224 and is recommended in some cases for new designs.

Optimizing Your LM 224 PCBA Design

In addition to the critical information presented above, the LM224 datasheet includes a wealth of helpful data, such as performance characteristics, which should inform your design decisions. This data includes the example schematic and PCB layouts, shown below.

UL CAD models of the TI LM224

Schematic and PCB layout examples for the LM224

For the best implementation of the LM224, the datasheet should be used in conjunction with accurate CAD models to help facilitate optimal PCBA development.

UL CAD models of the TI LM224

TI LM224 CAD data from UL

For efficient electronic product development, your PCBA design and manufacturing stages must be collaborative and supportive, and resilient to supply chain issues. This process begins with the adoption of a reliable component library where you can be assured of the accuracy of the CAD data and models.

If you’re looking for CAD models for common components or design tips like how to best use the LM224 datasheet, Ultra Librarian helps by compiling all your sourcing and CAD information in one place.

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