Ultra Librarian CAD Models Now on Datasheets.com

Ultra Librarian is proud to announce a partnership with Datasheets.com where users can search directly on Datasheets.com to find easily accessible CAD models to download through Ultra Librarian.  With Ultra Librarians integrations, you can export to over 30 different CAD formats.

In addition to up-to-date datasheets, Datasheets.com is now providing direct access to CAD models for a wide range of components through Ultra Librarian. This partnership gives users a one-stop shop to find the parts they need and get them spec’d in quickly with Ultra Librarian verified models.


About Datasheets.com

Datasheets.com, created in partnership with SiliconExpert, a leading provider of electronic component management tools, enables design engineers and electronics purchasing professionals to find electronics parts and inventory quickly and easily.  To start exploring visit www.Datasheets.com


The Ultra Librarian Team

Ultra Librarian offers the world’s largest PCB CAD library, putting cutting-edge materials at your fingertips so you can build better products faster—all for free.

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If you’re looking for any of our component footprints or models, we have readily available and free options for you and your design team. Search our library for the solution you’ve been looking for.

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