IR2110 Pinout: Evaluation and Analysis

The IR2110 pinout view for PDIP IC

IR2110 pinout in PDIP IC architecture

The days when you could fix pretty much everything on your car in the backyard with a modest assortment of screwdrivers and sockets are a distant memory. Vehicles today may contain as many as a few thousand microchips. These components enable the design of automotive systems with ever increasing functionality that translates into more comfortable, reliable, and safer transportation for drivers and passengers.

Many of the ICs in automotive systems are transistors; including MOSFETs and insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IBGTs). An important aspect of employing these devices is the driving circuitry. An  integrated monolithic HVIC driver for high-speed, high-voltage, dual-channel operation that has proven to be very successful for automotive applications is the IR2110. By examining the IR2110 pinout and component characteristics you will be able to best use this IC module in your design.

The IR2110 Pinout

The IR2110, manufactured by Infineon Technologies comes in two common IC package options: plastic dual in-line package (PDIP) and small outline integrated circuit (SOIC) package. The IR2110 pinouts for these package types, are shown below.

IR2113 and IR2110 pinouts for PDIP and SOIC packages

IR2113 and IR2110 pinouts for PDIP and SOIC packages

As indicated above, the IR2113, which is a faster switching device for higher voltage applications, has the same pin designations as the IR2110. From the IR2110 datasheet, the pin descriptions are listed in the table below for both package types.



Pin No. 





Low side gate drive output



Low side return



Low side supply



High side floating supply return



High side floating supply



High side gate drive output



Logic supply



Logic input for high side gate driver output (HO), in phase



Logic input for shutdown



Logic input for low side gate driver output (LO), in phase



Logic ground

As listed, both devices have both a low and high side input and output. For the IR2110, the high side max voltage is 500V. For the IR2113, this voltage is 600V. These and other important features are given in the section below.

IR2110 Component Architecture and Parameters

IR2110 operational diagram

Block diagram of the IR2110 gate driver circuit

The diagram above, provides a block diagram perspective of the IR2210. As shown, the high and low sides are independent of each other. Cross conduction is minimized by the high power current buffer stage. These and other features of the component are below.

Features and Applications of the IR2110

The primary features of the IR2110 are:

Major Features of the IR2110 Gate Driver


  • Floating channel designed for bootstrap operation

  • Fully operational to +500 V

  • dV/dt immune

  • Gate drive supply range from 10 to 20 V

  • Undervoltage lockout for both channels

  • 3.3 V logic compatible

  • Separate logic supply range from 3.3 V to 20 V

  • Logic and power ground + /- 5 V offset

  • CMOS Schmitt-triggered inputs with pull-down

  • Cycle by cycle edge-triggered shutdown logic

  • Matched propagation delay for both channels

  • Outputs in phase with inputs

These attributes and capabilities make the IR2110 a great option for:

Applications for the IR2110

  •  Automotive power distribution, ADAS domain controller
  •  Industrial drives, robotics
  •  Space and satellite communications systems
  •  Mobile and IoT security systems
  •  Battery Management Systems (BMSs)
  •  Motor drives
  •  Power tools
  •  Wearables

Obviously, there are a large number of applications for which the IR2110 is a good fit. This application flexibility is possible due to the component characteristics and specifications below.

Characteristics and Specifications

When utilizing the IR2110 (and IR2113), the following restrictions apply.

IR2110 absolute electrical and thermal ratings

Absolute Maximum Ratings

The IR2110 static electrical characteristics

Static electrical characteristics of the IR2110

Other important characteristics to ensure accurate timing and synchronization are:

The IR2110 dynamic electrical characteristics

Dynamic electrical characteristics of the IR2110

PCBA Design With the IR2110 Gate Driver

Although, there are various design configurations options available to you, typically the IR2110 is implemented as shown below.

IR2110 common circuit configuration

Typical circuit configuration for the IR2110

As the IR2110 pinout, and other specifications described above indicate, this MOSFET and IGBT driver can be used for various applications across many industries. Irrespective of the deployment, it is essential that accurate, manufacturer vetted CAD data, as shown below, be used. Doing so, will aid your development process and help your CM build reliable PCBAs for your project.

 IR2110 PDIP CAD models from UL

IR2110 PDIP CAD models from UL

If you’re looking for CAD models for common components and/or important design information like analysis of the IR2110 pinout, Ultra Librarian helps by compiling all your sourcing and CAD information in one place.

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