Top Electronic Component Distributors

Using one of the top electronic component distributors ensures that your parts are from a reliable manufacturer

Component selection is the first step during schematic capture. In addition to being the most important activity of the PCBA design process, your choice of parts significantly influences the other two stages of PCBA development: manufacturing and testing. Similarly, the sources you rely on for the procurement of components impact the entire iterative design⇒build⇒test (DBT) development cycle and can hamper board production.

Where to get your electronic components is an important decision, and due diligence should be exercised before committing to a source. To help you, we have compiled a list of the top electronic component distributors based on services, experience, and expertise.






Years in Business

Supply Chain Resilience (SCR)



Thief River Falls, MN





Corby, UK





Phoenix, AZ





Centennial, CO





Mansfield, TX





Taipei, Taiwan



This list is based on our research on parts suppliers and their services. We based our rankings on the services offered, years in business, and a supply chain resiliency (SCR) metric with the following weighted factors:

  1. Availability and size of component stockpiles
  2. Turnaround times from manufacturers
  3. Counterfeit component susceptibility
  4. Availability of component data, datasheets, and other information
  5. Reputation

The factors above are derived from information available online at distributor websites and/or industry publications, and are listed according to their importance for SCR in descending order. The SCR is a quantitative ranking of our qualitative assessment of the distributor’s susceptibility to the many supply chain disruptions that can interfere with the timely and accurate delivery of electronic parts. In the table above, the higher the SCR score, the more resilient the supplier is to supply chain issues.

A Deeper Dive Into the Top Electronic Component Distributors

The top electronic component distributors on the list all have a history of serving the needs of OEMs, ODMs, PCB designers, engineers, and other electronic system developers. However, they each have notable characteristics that should be considered when choosing between them.




1. Digi-Key

Digi-Key is the most trusted distributor of electronic components. Alternative components and other design information are available and easily accessible. Adding to their supply chain resilience is a partnership with Ultra Librarian, the largest online component library in the world for CAD models and other design data and information.

2. RS-Online

RS (also known as Allied Electronics and Automation) is a highly reputable parts supplier. The company provides searchers with component quantities and design models.

3. Avnet

Avnet has been around since the dawn of the electronics industry and is one of the world leaders in sales. The company provides detailed descriptions of components and datasheets that can be downloaded.

4. Arrow

Arrow is another company that has evolved and grown alongside the electronics industry. The company has an integrated partnership with the industry leader for manufacturer-verified component CAD models and provides component data, inventory, and ship dates that help streamline component selection. 

5. Mouser

Mouser has developed a large following and is known for providing many alternatives for common components. They provide listed lead times to assist you in choosing among the available options.

6. WPG

Although a relatively new company, WPG is rated as the second-largest electronics distributor in the world. The company has operations in many countries, which improves availability. However, the data and inventory information for online searchers is limited.

Choosing the Best Electronic Component Distributor

The global market for consumer electronics exceeds one trillion USD. Consequently, there is a sizable number of vendors and distributors of electronic components to choose from. With supply chain issues such as shortages and delays plaguing developers throughout the industry, choosing the top electronic component distributor for your project is more critical now than ever.

Partnering with an industry leader that sources from reliable electronics manufacturers, provides manufacturer-vetted CAD models, and offers services like a custom library built to your specifications is probably your best choice. Doing so ensures that quality components, accurate data, and supply chain resilience are the foundation of your design and development process.

If you’re looking for CAD models for common components or information on sourcing from the top electronic component distributors in the industry, Ultra Librarian helps by compiling all your sourcing and CAD information in one place.

Ultra Librarian works with the top electronic component distributors to offer services that streamline error-free design, production, and sourcing. Register today for free.


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