Engineering Marketing Strategies: Content That Works

Building successful marketing strategies for engineers requires innovative content creation

The result of implementing good engineering marketing strategies

The electronics industry is a highly competitive landscape. As the utilization and applications of electronics and circuit boards continue to increase, so do the numbers and options of passive, active, and integrated circuit components. Consequently, introducing new and even advanced technology parts can be a difficult proposition.

For IC manufacturers and other marketing professionals, connecting with the engineers and managers that determine which components will be incorporated into their designs and products is the greatest challenge. Success depends on several factors; such as knowing and targeting the right audience(s). However, none is more important than knowing the range of engineering marketing strategies and choosing the most impactful one for your campaign.

Best Engineering Marketing Strategies

A critical aspect of developing a winning electronic component marketing strategy is knowing your audience and what considerations influence their evaluation of your products. Translating your understanding of these considerations should be reflected in the content you create for your audience. And there are several effective content types, as listed below, that can be used.


Content Types

Value Proposition for Engineers

Blog Article

Blogs are probably the best resource for engaging your audience, whether for demand generation or lead generation. 

Research Paper

Research papers are most useful to support and enhance your reputation for  in your industry, with Google, and among potential clients.  

Branded Landing Page (LP)

Landing pages or LPs are more concise and directly targeted content pages, as compared to blogs and research papers. Branded LPs, may highlight a particular component, reference design, or proprietary technology.  

Case Study

Case studies are opportunities to highlight a success. For example, how your product was used to solve an especially challenging problem for a client.


Videos are great for demonstrations. A common use is showing how to best design a PCB with a new or specialty component.


Infographics are good visual tools, which can be readily  incorporated into other content resources, for exhibiting a concept, process or utilization without the need for explanation; such as a human presenter. 

All of the content types above, if applied appropriately, can be assets to your engineering marketing strategy. However, to be most effective, the content must align with engineer intent.

Aligning Content With Engineer Intent

There is a belief among some inventors–and electronic manufacturers, as well–that if you build the best component, engineers and developers will simply abandon previous parts upon which they have come to rely in favor of a novel innovation.  Although, achievable, realizing this goal requires some work. Specifically, the development and execution of an effective engineering marketing strategy that targets and engages with your audience.

Not unlike many industries, engineers typically share some common attributes. Notwithstanding shunning the instructions prior to embarking on an assembly project, there is what is known as the engineering mindset. Understanding these commonalities is important to develop content that will resonate with this audience. Dos and don’ts  to remember when developing content for engineers are:



  • Clearly define the capabilities and limitations of your product(s)

  • Provide performance statistics 

  • Provide use cases/examples, if available



  • Make assumptions or convey unsubstantiated claims

  • Unfairly denigrate alternatives

  • Avoid patronizing: let the product speak for itself

Creating the Most Effective Content for Your Strategy

In order to develop an engineering marketing strategy that will connect with your target audience, it is important to know the best options for delivering content and how to speak to engineers effectively. Equipped with these tools and constraints, you are able to create a winning strategy by following guidelines, as listed below.

Guidelines for Engineering Marketing Strategy Content

  • Choose keywords and topics of interest to your audience
  • Make sure your content is easily digestible
  • Use references and support effectively
  • Make sure your content is readily available to your target audience.
  • Follow SEO best practices (for web content)

Following the guidelines above will greatly assist you in building an engineering marketing strategy that will attract, inform and convert engineers into clients. This is predicated on getting your content to your audience where they are. And the best place to connect with engineers in need of parts is on the world’s largest online component library.

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