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While there has been a lot of progress in reducing costs with new business models and technologies around space transportation and deployment the costs, timelines, and risks of launching a product into space are unlike any other type of product deployment. With these upfront costs and limited ability / affordability to perform maintenance on products launched into orbit, companies need to ensure the reliability and durability of products well in advance of lift-off.  Radiation-qualified designs and suitable rad-hardened electronic components are a requirement to meet strict reliability and performance goals.

Selecting a component supplier like Texas Instruments (TI) who has a proven track record of providing high-quality, space-grade products, engineers can rest-assured knowing their systems will meet mission-critical requirements. TI’s radiation-hardened and radiation-tolerant products and technical resources are built to help design satellite systems that can operate for decades in Space.

With an extensive inventory of immediately available Space-grade products and deep system expertise Texas Instruments is the partner you can depend on to meet mission-critical requirements and create systems with greater integration and power density, highest precision accuracy and highest bandwidth (>7 GHz).

Learn more about Texas Instruments Space-grade products

High Precision

Deliver highest accuracy and integration for sophisticated instrumentation using TI’s latest precision technologies for Space. Learn about die temperature measurements with remote diode sensing with their application report, and the plug-and-play compatibility of their compact ADS1282-SP evaluation kit.

High Bandwidth

Get the highest bandwidth (>7GHz) in a harsh radiation environment using TI’s high-speed data converters, timing products and system designs. TI focuses on giving you the ability to support multiple communication channels with higher throughput in a smaller space, without sacrificing advanced radar imaging applications.

High-Power Density

TI’s radiation-hardened power IC’s are optimized for high reliability and power density. Meet accuracy, thermal and radiation requirements, including generating less heat, increased efficiency and reduced system footprint using TI’s power products and system designs.


TI Space Products

TI’s updated Space Products Guide will help you find the right parts for your space grade design.

Download PDF



Radiation Handbook for Electronics (Rev. A)

Download TI’s comprehensive guide to radiation effects on industrial and terrestrial applications.

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