Electronic Component Kitting: Being Efficient

Efficient electronic component kitting facilitates better inventory management by PCB manufacturers.

Efficient electronic component kitting facilitates better inventory management by PCB manufacturers.

Electronic component kitting can significantly improve supply chain resilience and electronics manufacturing because it streamlines the procurement and preparation of components needed for production or project fulfillment. By pre-packaging components into kits according to specific assembly requirements, kitting minimizes assembly time, reduces errors, and enhances overall efficiency. Additionally, electronic component kitting facilitates better inventory management by helping to control stock levels and reduce excess inventory, contributing to savings and better operational performance in electronics manufacturing facilities.

Efficiency Tips for Electronic Component Kitting

It is common for engineers and PCB designers to procure components from multiple sources. In fact, the various acquisition times for different parts is a major cause of manufacturing and consequently development delay. An effective mitigation to this contingency is the gathering of necessary components into a single package or kit for PCB assembly. An efficient electronic component kitting process is best achieved by collaborating with your team members, contract manufacturer (CM), distributors and others pertinent to the efficiency of your PCB development process, as shown in the table below.


Kitting Process Issue

Tip for Efficiency 

Bill of Materials (BOM)

✔ Compile a detailed BOM that lists all the components needed for the assembly

✔ Ensure the BOM includes accurate part numbers, quantities, and descriptions.

Inventory Management

✔ Work with your CM to maintain a well-organized inventory system. For example, requesting your CM keep commonly used active and passive groups of parts on hand minimizes the possibility of manufacturing delays. 

Standard Component Packaging

✔ As much as possible, use standard package types for components, as exotic parts are more difficult to procure. 

Component Tracking

✔ Accurately track components from procurement to assembly, reducing the chances of errors and inventory discrepancies.

Quality Control Checks

✔ Implement quality control checks at various stages of the kitting development process to verify component accuracy, quality, and completeness. 

✔ Work to catch errors early, preventing downstream issues during assembly.

Automated Replenishment 

✔ Set up automated systems to monitor inventory levels, and trigger reorders when stock levels reach predefined thresholds. 

Supplier Relationships

✔ Cultivate strong relationships with reliable suppliers and work closely with them to obtain accurate data on component availability, lead times, pricing, and order quantities. 

✔ Consolidate purchases with fewer trusted suppliers to simplify procurement and reduce overhead costs.

Continuous Improvement

✔ Work with your CM to review and analyze kitting processes, as part of your quality management system (QMS) implementation process, to identify areas for improvement. 

✔ Encourage feedback from team members, distributors, and other stakeholders to drive continuous improvement initiatives.

Irrespective of whether you work with a turnkey PCB manufacturer or an assembly house, implementation of the tips above, will enhance efficiency in electronic component kitting, resulting in faster assembly times, reduced costs, and improved PCB design and development resilience to supply chain disruptions.

Kitting can be extremely valuable for your component management and supply resiliency. However, creating and instituting the most effective system that meets your specific component and design needs is best accomplished with a custom component library service from the most trusted and utilized CAD model resource in the industry. UL’s custom librarian service not only simplifies the compilation, management, and procurement of commonly used parts, but also provides accurate schematic symbols, footprints, and 3D models based on your custom specifications.

Building and maintaining an effective component library that is supply chain resilient requires expertise and substantial time commitment. Working with Ultra Librarian is the most efficient solution.  We can build you a customized Virtual Librarian Service that will streamline component selection, ensure parts meet your standards, expedite procurement, and optimize your PCBA development process for innovation. To learn more, schedule a meeting.


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