IRFZ44N Datasheet: N-Channel MOSFET for Switching High Powered Devices

 Infineon IRFZ44N MOSFET rectifier


Without a doubt, transistors are one of the essential active electronic component types. Although there are innumerable transistors on the market, there are basically just two types. Many engineers have their ‌ preferred type; however, there are notable differences between bipolar junction transistors and field-effect transistors.

A major difference between BJTs and FETs is how they are controlled or turned off and on. BJTs are current-controlled, similar to their predecessors, vacuum tubes, while FETs are controlled by applying voltage to the gate. BJTs are also typically larger and have higher gain than FETs. And, although cheaper than FETs, BJTs are less often implemented.

Among FETs, which includes junction field effect transistors (JFETs) and metal-oxide field effect transistors (MOSFETS), MOSFETs are considered better for many applications. This is due to their high input impedance and high drain resistance. Infineon Technologies is a well-known manufacturer of these devices, like the IRLZ44N and IRFZ44N, which fall under their IR series of MOSFETs.

Making the best use of the latter requires that you utilize the IRFZ44N datasheet and readily available CAD design data.

Features and Applications of IR Series MOSFETs

Infineon’s IR series MOSFET are defined by the following:

IR Series MOSFET Features

  • Rugged construction
  • Optimal low-frequency performance
  • High current capability
  • Industry standard packaging and pinout
  • Extensive network of distribution partners

The IRFZ44NPbF, in particular,  has the following attributes:

  • Fast switching 
  • Rated for full avalanche
  • Low operating resistance
  • Temperature range up to 175 °C
  • Lead-free

This high power amplifier is commonly used in such varied applications as load switches, lighting systems, switch-mode power supplies, inverters and DC motors. Important specifications are presented below.

Functionality and Operation of the IRFZ44N MOSFET

The IRFZ44N has been on the market for decades. This is due to its favorable device parameters, which are found in the IRFZ44N datasheet, and shown below.

Attributes and Parameters

Maximum operating conditions for the IRFZ44N

Absolute max ratings for the IRFZ44N

Below are the electrical characteristics for deployment in an ambient environment.

 Nominal electrical characteristics for the IRFZ44N

IRFZ44N electrical characteristics

IRFZ44N Operational Attributes

As the IRFZ44N datasheet illustrates, the amplifier output characteristic remains constant over a wide range of currents.

IRFZ44N output variation due to temperature

Temperature effect on IRFZ44N operation

To protect the device and ensure safe operation, the limits exhibited below should be observed.

Operational limitation of the IRFZ44N

IRFZ44N safe operation range

Optimal Design Using the IRFZ44N Datasheet

There are several benefits to utilizing the IRFZ44N, as its longevity and usage attest to. However, for the best design, the IRFZ44N datasheet should be supported with sound and accurate CAD drawings, as shown below, and simulation and testing information available at the UL online library.

CAD models and design support for IRFZ44N rectifier

CAD models and design support for IRFZ44N rectifier

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