FDA217 Datasheet: Design Best Practices

FDA217 dual photovoltaic driver in surface mount package

FDA217 Photovoltaic Driver

Metal-Oxide Field Effect Transistors (MOSFETs) are among the most versatile and implemented active electronic components. These semiconductors are often preferred for switching applications as compared to diodes or other transistors. However, drivers are typically needed to leverage the advantages of these fast transition devices.

A commonly utilized MOSFET driver for high-power applications is the IXYS FDA217 available from TME Electronic Components. This device employs photovoltaics to achieve good galvanic isolation, which is a requirement in the presence of transients and noise that can affect MOSFET performance. For the best PCB design, the important information and data; such as features, applications, and specifications, from the FDA217 datasheet should be leveraged.

FDA217: Features and Applications

The FDA217 is a feature-rich optical MOSFET driver versatile enough to be used in various switching and process control applications as listed below.




  • Dual independent and floating outputs for parallel, series or isolated configuration

  • Open circuit voltage of 24.4 V in series configuration

  • Short circuit current of 18.2mA in parallel configuration

  • 5mA control current • Integrated shutdown circuit

  • High input to output isolation: 3750Vrms

  • Replacement of discrete components

  • No EMI/RFI generation

  • Surface mount version and tape and reel available

  • Flammability rating UL 94 V-0

• Programmable control

• Process control

• Instrumentation

• Telecommunications

• Solid state relays

• Isolated Switching

• Floating power supplies

As shown above, the FDA217 can be employed in multiple electronic configurations where isolation is a primary design directive. The component also has negligible EMI/RFI generation which makes it especially suitable for transient environment application.

FDA217: Parameters and Specifications

According to the FDA217 datasheet, the device has the following maximum electrical and thermal ratings.





Reverse Input Voltage



Input Control Current



Peak (10ms)



Input Power Dissipation1



Total Power Dissipation2



ESD Rating, Human Body Model



Isolation Voltage, Input to Output



Operational Temperature

-40 to +85


Storage Temperature

-40 to +125


1 Derate linearly 1.33mW/°C
2 Derate output power linearly 6.67mW/°C

An important attribute of the FDA217 is the ability to discharge gate current from internal circuitry when LED excitation current is removed. This feature avoids the space and cost requirements of external circuitry, which can be important design considerations for opting for this MOSFET driver. Below are the electrical specifications for the FDA217.

FDA217 electrical specifications

FDA217 electrical specifications

The above functionality enables the FDA217 to achieve 3750 Vrms isolation between input and output.

FDA217: Layout and Operation

The component pinout and functional diagram, also provided in the FDA217 datasheet, is shown below.

FDA217 pinout

FDA217 pinout

Two of the most important operational parameters for switching devices like the FDA217 are Turn-On and Turn-Off time, which are illustrated below versus load capacitance.

Transition times vs capacitance for the FDA217FDA217 transition times vs load capacitance

As shown, Turn-On transition time varies with current over the load capacitance range. However, Turn-Off time is relatively constant irrespective of current. Similarly, Turn-On transition varies and Turn-Off transition is more consistent versus temperature for various current levels.

PCB Design with the FDA217 Datasheet

The datasheet also includes important component data for the PCB layout. As shown below, the FDA217 is available as a surface mount and through-hole part.

Through-hole and surface mount dimensions for the FDA217

Through-hole and surface mount dimensions for the FDA217

Although, this information is helpful it is not advisable to create PCB footprints manually. The room for error is relatively high and the redesigns, turnaround time delays and additional costs that you may incur can be significant.

FDA217 schematic symbol, footprint and 3D CAD model from UL

FDA217 schematic symbol, footprint and 3D CAD model from UL

A more reliable alternative is to source schematic symbols, footprints and 3D CAD format models from a trusted resource, as shown above, and procure the FDA217 from a reliable distributor.

If you’re looking for CAD models for common components or important design information like how to best use the FDA217 datasheet for your PCB project, Ultra Librarian helps by compiling all your sourcing and CAD information in one place.

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